Ian Travers Ltd

Ian Travers Ltd is the trading company by which Ian Travers and Michelle Travers provide Process Safety and Health and Safety consultancy services. Since 2015 Ian Travers Limited has been supporting industry and businesses improve their risk management systems and optimise their safety performance. Since the Covid-19 lockdown we have been providing support to businesses on how to carry out risk assessments and the measures they should put in place to get back to work safely.


COVsafe is a project which we set up with the specific purpose of helping employers and business owners to carry our a COVID 19 risk assessment. Returning to work after the lockdown and running a business under the new conditions is going to present challenges to everyone. Carrying out a thorough risk assessment is only part of the process of ensuring that the people who work in an organisation are kept safe from the coronavirus. But it is an important first step.

The software we have created is designed to ensure that you leave nothing out of your risk assessment while allowing you to get the job done efficiently.

Ian Travers

Ian was the former Deputy Director (Chemical Regulation) UK Health and Safety Executive, HSE, and has over twenty-five years' experience in the regulation of chemical and major hazard industries and in the investigation of major incidents to discover the underlying causes. He is an expert on process safety management, leadership and the establishment and implementation of key performance indicators for major hazard industries. Ian has delivered numerous webinars giving practical advise and answering queries related to safe working with Covid-19.

Michelle Travers

Michelle is a former HSE inspector specialising in health and safety management systems, auditing and incident investigation. Following her career in HSE Michelle was a Principal Inspector in Health and Safety with the Office of Rail and Road. She was responsible for regulating train operating companies and Network Rail. She also led the investigation of serious rail accidents such as Potters Bar. Michelle has provided guidance to small businesses such as hairdressers, estate agents and audiologists on the measures they should take to return to work safely with Covid-19.

COVsafe is a trading name of

Ian Travers Ltd

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